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Kalpana Iyer and Rohini Hattangady. The film was a big box office hit and has a cult following among the horror-loving fans. The film is a remake of the 1987 Telugu film Brain, an official entry to the 12th Moscow International Film Festival in 1987 and also the second-to-last film of the founder of the Telugu film industry, K.V. Reddy. Plot The movie revolves around a young woman, Shivani, who is drawn into the world of mind-bending horror. The film opens with Shivani, who has never experienced the paranormal, just as she takes the bus home from a friend's house. The bus is an old one that has been held together with duct tape and she is on her way to meet her parents. Upon arriving at the bus depot, she finds herself sitting next to an extremely wealthy woman named Sarita. As the bus is about to leave, Sarita approaches Shivani and asks her if she would be willing to be a model for her new perfume, to which she agrees. At her parents' home, she is shown to her room and is asked to lock herself in. The door, however, cannot be closed and she can hear the family laughing. She eventually opens the door to find her father and brother having dinner with Sarita. Shivani, frightened and confused, runs outside only to find Sarita in her underwear, walking away from the house. As Sarita takes off in her car, she comes across an old woman who is trying to commit suicide by sticking a knife into her heart. Sarita stops the woman, takes her away from the knife and gives her food. The next day, a psychiatrist visits Shivani's parents to evaluate their daughter's state of mind. After she leaves, Shivani speaks to her mother, trying to explain what happened and expressing her fear that something is going to happen to her. Shivani is soon called to the main office of the company she works for. Upon arriving, she learns that she has been made a model for their new perfume, "Bees Saal Baad." That night, she goes to the bathroom and discovers something unusual and unfamiliar. Upon opening her suitcase, she finds a dead man dressed in clothes that she has been modeling for. Realizing that the man is dead, she tosses the clothes into the trash and heads home. Shivani's father comes to her room that night to



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Free Download Hindi Movie Bees Saal Baad 1988 philfayg

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